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Kamats Restaurants -Original family restaurant -Mumbai Vala taste !

Hot & Cold Beverages 

We serve filter Coffee by brewing finely ground Coffee powder in a traditional Indian Coffee Filter. The drink is popularly known as “Kaapi”.

Our Food

South Indian Snacks

South Indian cuisine is much loved across India, especially its wide spared breakfast treats like Idlis, Dosas, Uttapams . There is much more to South Indian Cuisine, like Sambhar, Rassam etc. 

Delicious Chaat

Mumbai Bhel, made out of puffed rice, Chopped Onions & tomatoes served with tangy tamarind sauce is a great beach treat. Mumbai Bhel is a quick filler to satisfy your hunger.


In deserts we have Unique Deserts like Hot Brownies served with Chocolate Sauce , Hot Gulab Jamuns with Rabri /Ice creams and Caramelised Bananas to name a few.

North Indian Food

We provide complete North Indian Food including tandoor delicacies /starters. Our Thali Meal is quite elaborate and ends with desert to complete the meal.

Jain Food 

Kamats-Original Family Restaurant is largest & Trusted Vegetarian Restaurant Chain. It is one of the preferred place for spiritually motivated diet practiced by  Jains. Our quick recipe format can satisfy  Jain Customers .

Delicious Pav Bhaji  

Pav Bhaji is more than a snack! Its a quick meal that can be grabbed on a go. We serve Pav Bhaji in Mumbaiwala Taste​.